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window tinting | automotive


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*Actual appearance may vary. These pictures are for visualization purposes only.  

films we use.


We only use professional grade American manufactured window films for all our applications, installed to the highest standard. 


Our films come with a lifetime manufacturers warranty against cracking, fading and peeling, so you can have that extra peace of mind.


-99% UV protection
-Gives your car an enhanced style and appearance
-Protects interior against fading
-Improves safety and security with shatter resistant films
-Offers more privacy
-Improves air conditioner efficiency
-Reduces heat and glare


quality assurance.

Your car tinted by us, means your car carrying our reputation, so as a part of our service we give a free check up appointment within a month after film installation to ensure highest quality been achieved.  

window tinting | commercial. residential

commercial films

Heat: Heat can be magnified by glazing, quickly making premises uncomfortable. An application of solar control window film is an effective and cost efficient way to stop your building becoming too hot.

Glare: Glare can make it hard to focus on screens, equipment and colleagues and can quickly create an unpleasant working environment. We supply and install film that can cut down on glare without sacrificing natural light.

Privacy: Privacy is required throughout commercial properties for a variety of reasons. Window film can provide both one way and two way privacy, and can be printed to feature graphics or logos, as well as being combined with safety and security films.

Safety and Security: Glazing can be fragile as well as a target for intruders. We offers a wide range of both safety and security films, with a range of thicknesses and performance levels to meet your requirements.

Fading: The suns UV rays can cause stock, equipment and furniture to fade. With an application of specialist UV protection film, these harmful effects can be negated.

Glass decoration: We can provide full color graphics,  printed wallpaper as well as bespoke glass manifestation, each provided to your exact specification to meet both your functional and aesthetic requirements.


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